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Virtuoso Interior Design Studio is a Los Angeles Based Full Interior design service firm, and the founder, Michiko Kawakami is at the top of her game with over 20 years’ experience in international five-star hospitality design. Michiko's work can be seen in the Ritz Carlton, Kyoto; Shilla hotel, Seoul; the Langham hotel, Shanghai China; City Center, Las Vegas; Grand Hyatt, Guangzhou; the W Scottsdale, Arizona; Hotel Sorella, Texas and the Conrad Hotel, New York. She established her own, Virtuoso Interior design studio in 2015 and has been servicing design consultancy for high-end residential project, small to medium size office project, and international hotel projects.

Under Peter Remedios's mentoring at Remedios Studio, Michiko worked as Design Director where she developed a strong design vision and a unique sophisticated style.

As Design Director, Michiko oversaw all projects in the firm, ensuring that the design concept stayed true through design execution. Michiko creates and develops the first phase of the design concept, much like telling a story both intellectually and visually.

“I believe that the design concept should stand alone, visually evoking emotions and feelings without the need for words”. From the first moment a new project is initiated, she visualizes what the space should look like and communicates that vision using graphic lines, colors and compositions. Michiko believes that space is like music… the sound, rhythm and the beat come together, creating a beautiful tune and touches one’s soul. When design solutions come naturally, it gives life to the space.

One of Michiko's other strengths is efficiency, both in terms of the design process and time management. All deadlines are taken seriously and the quality of work is never compromised. She believes that adhering to a schedule is critical in business. Communicating well with clients is of utmost importance, focusing on their expectations. Then, there is the creative process of translating their goals into design.

Michiko believes that all these elements, coupled with proficient execution of the concept are the recipe for a successful project.

One of her recently completed projects, Ritz Carlton Kyoto won Asia Hotel award for guest rooms, and the Nativo office was selected to be finalist for 2018 IIDA Medium size workplace project in Los Angeles.

If you are reading this review, that means you have found Michiko Kawakami so consider yourself truly blessed and lucky. Michiko is not only a very experienced interior designer, she’s a true expert and passionate artist. What also comes handy is that she truly knows what is amazing and hip in every single style and era of interior design. She becomes your secret weapon with this talent because you can literally chat with her about any of your visions and fantasies and she understands how to bring that to life. Interior design is not easy. I’m a person who loves homes and beautifully decorated rooms but when it came down to figuring out what I wanted to do with my place I found myself having too many thoughts with no certain directions. Many people will end up in that position because in the world of decor there is just so many cool things out will just want to have them all. :) I love my place so much. Michiko has made my world so beautiful, so functional and comfortable. Every day I am grateful to be around all the personalized details that she has made for me. Everyone that comes over to my place has to take a minute to take their jaws off the floor because they are so amazed by the way it is put together. During the designing process Michiko is so professional and organized it will make your mind at ease because remodeling can get so hectic. Last but not least, Michiko Kawakami is the sweetest, trustworthy and kindest person ! She will light up the room with her amazingly positive energy ~ I am forever thankful for her. Love, Amanda K.Read More

Absolute professional, highest quality design, versatile, super creative and a pleasure to work with. Expert in high end residential and hotel projects. Strong modern designer.Read More

We have had the immense pleasure of working with Michiko a few times on some beautiful interior design projects. As a professional she has excellent taste, good judgement and communication along with a discerning eye. As a person, she is open, warm and kind but doesn't shrink away from difficult situations or conversations when it means getting the job done on time and in budget.Read More

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Michiko for many years on many different types of projects and she has a great eye and sense of design unmatched in Commercial and Residential design. She’s the best!Read More

Michiko is one of the most delightful professional I have met in a long time. She not only is a joy to work with, her design style and eye for detail is amazing. A true creative spirit who can communicate and execute her design vision clearly-Read More

Michiko is a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail allows projects to run smoothly and efficiently. She is attentive to the customer's needs and wants down to the minuet details. If you are looking for a calm, thoughtful, and detailed designer, then Michiko is the right choice for you.Read More

Michiko is a complete professional in delivering a high end design for the house that is on budget and high aesthetics.Read More

Michiko is highly talented, creative, patient and trustworthy. She listens closely to her clients to understand their design goals and then guides them through their decision making process. This results in very happy clients and design that exceeds expectations.Read More

Very thorough, easy to work with, great eye, flexible, and works hard. Highly recommended. I went for a modern style with an artistic twist that still had a warm feeling and she nailed it.Read More


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